Bettye Hyde Co-operative Early Learning Centre is open between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. We offer full-time care for Toddlers ages 18 to 30 months, as well as full and part-time programs for children aged 30 months to 5 years. Children are registered by age into either the Toddler or Preschool Program. We offer bilingual teaching (French and English) in our pre-school program and will be extending it to our toddler program in the near future.

Upon arrival at the centre, children enjoy free play time. They then move on to more structured activities, including a variety of art, music and cognitive activities. These are planned according to the children’s interests and abilities and with the Educators’ guidance.

During snack time, the children have another opportunity for free play before tidying up together and then heading outside for some fun and games. Lunch is provided for those registered in the full-day program. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or other dietary restrictions.

The morning and afternoon programs always wind down with everyone gathering for a large circle time together, followed by outdoor play.

toddler room
Bettye Hyde toddler room

Toddler Monthly Program Fees

Full time: $1592

Tuesday & Thursday: $637
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: $955

Preschool room
Bettye Hyde preschool room

Preschool Monthly Program Fees

Full Time: $1169

Tuesday & Thursday: $467.50
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: $701

  • Our full-day program runs from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. By BHELC policy, children may not stay longer than 10 hours in a day.
  • Registration: a $100 registration fee is required to hold your child’s space.
  • When a child joins the school, 1.5 months’ fees will be charged in the first month. This is done in order to cover some of our costs should parents make changes to their enrolment without giving us the required 30-days’ notice. When 30-days’ notice of withdrawal is given, this extra half a month’s fees will be put towards the cost of the child’s last month at the school.
  • Fees are paid monthly on the first of the month through direct withdrawal.
  • Fees for second or third children enrolled are subject to a 10% discount.


At Bettye Hyde, we recognize that high fees can represent a huge barrier to accessing quality child care services.

If you are interested in our centre but cannot afford the above fees, you may be eligible for financial help to cover all or part of your monthly childcare costs. You can apply for a child care fee subsidy through the City of Ottawa. You will find more information about applying for a fee subsidy here: You may also call 311 to speak with a city worker about the application process.

According to the City of Ottawa, reasons for receiving a child care fee subsidy for those with a financial need include (but are not limited to): work (full-time, part-time, shift work or self-employed), school, looking for work, being a parent/guardian to a child with special needs, being a parent/guardian with special needs or being referred by a professional agency (for example, Children’s Aid Society).

At the bottom of this website, you will also find a calculator that can help you determine how much you would be expected to pay each month for child care fees (do not include spaces or commas when entering the amount).

For instance, if the combined income for yourself and your spouse (if applicable) is $50 000, you would be expected to pay $416.67 per month – the subsidy would cover the difference between this amount and the full fee.

If your income is $20,000/year or less, the subsidy would cover the full amount of your childcare fees.